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Yellow Card Question and Answer 2023.



Yellow Card Question and Answer

Access the Yellow Card Question and Answer 2023 below:

Q: What is a Yellow Card?

A: A yellow card is an International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis that is issued to individuals who have received certain vaccinations required for international travel.

Q: What does the Yellow Card show?

A: The Yellow Card shows the name of the individual, the date of birth, the type of vaccine received, the date of vaccination, and the signature of the provider who administered the vaccine.

Q: Is the Yellow Card required for international travel?

A: The Yellow Card is required for travel to certain countries that have specific vaccination requirements. It is recommended to check with the embassy or consulate of the destination country prior to travel to confirm if a Yellow Card is required.

Q: How can I obtain a Yellow Card?

A: A Yellow Card can be obtained by receiving the required vaccinations from a certified healthcare provider, such as a travel clinic or your primary care physician. The healthcare provider will then complete and sign the Yellow Card.

Q: Is the Yellow Card valid for life?

A: No, the Yellow Card is only valid for the specific vaccination that is listed on the card. Some vaccines may require booster shots or additional vaccinations in the future.

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Q: Can I get a Yellow Card without receiving the required vaccinations?

A: No, a Yellow Card can only be issued to individuals who have received the required vaccinations. It is important to follow the recommended vaccination schedule and receive all necessary vaccines before international travel.

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