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Canada Welcomes Nigerians: Reopened Immigration Opportunities through Caregiver Programmes

Nigerians, Embrace Canada’s Reopened Immigration: Apply for Caregiver Programmes Today



Canada Welcomes Nigerians: Reopened Immigration Opportunities through Caregiver Programmes

Great news! Canada has just reopened two caregiver programs, providing a golden opportunity for qualified professionals, including those from Nigeria, to migrate and settle permanently with their families. This includes the Home Child Care Provider Pilot and the Home Support Worker Pilot programs. Not only do these programs offer a chance for skilled caregivers to work in Canada, but they also provide a path to Canadian permanent residency.

Program Details:

A Five-Year Journey to Success 

The caregiver programs span five years. They give you and your family an opportunity to move to Canada and gradually become permanent citizens. Essentially, these programs provide a strong foundation for those who aim for stability and long-term future in Canada.

Application Process:

Direct Entry and Gaining Experience Pathways

The application process can be broken down into two key routes: a direct entry to permanent residence, or a path based on gaining work experience. It’s important to select the route that best matches your qualifications and past work experience.

Canada's 2024-2026 Immigration Plan: A Comprehensive Guide for Nigerians and Beyond


  • Direct Entry: 12 Months of Relevant Work Experience

Candidates opting for direct entry must possess a minimum of 12 months of relevant work experience. They are required to select the appropriate category based on their expertise and professional background.

  • Gaining Experience: For Those with Less Than 12 Months Experience

The gaining experience pathway is designed for individuals with less than 12 months of work experience or no prior full-time caregiver work experience in Canada. This option provides an inclusive approach to those who may have recently entered the caregiver profession.

Application Cost and Start Date:

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Financial Considerations and Timelines

To initiate the application process, there is an application fee starting at $CAN 1,085 (equivalent to N982,030). This fee covers the evaluation and processing of applications, reflecting the commitment to maintaining a streamlined and efficient immigration system.

Interested individuals, particularly Nigerians, can start submitting their applications from January 1, 2024, at 9 am Eastern Standard Time (EST). The early start date encourages proactive engagement and ensures a fair and organized selection process.

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Qualifying for Direct to Permanence Category:

Recognition for Full-Time Canadian Caregiver Experience

Applicants who have worked as caregivers full-time in Canada for 12 months or more within the previous 36 months are eligible to apply under the Direct to Permanence category. This recognizes and rewards individuals with a proven track record of dedicated service in the Canadian caregiving sector.

Application Procedure:

Steps Towards Permanent Residency

The application process involves several crucial steps that applicants need to follow diligently:

  1. Visit the official website for detailed program requirements.
  2. Demonstrate proficiency in English or French through approved language tests.
  3. Have foreign education credentials evaluated by designated Canada-approved organizations.
  4. Prepare and submit a complete permanent residence application package.
  5. Attend a biometrics appointment and adhere to additional instructions from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for the final decision on the application.

For a comprehensive understanding of the requirements and access to the application link, individuals can visit the official website here.

Related Development:

Express Entry Prioritizes Key Professions

In a noteworthy update, Canada has unveiled a priority list of job categories, like teaching and plumbing, for the Express Entry visa. This smart move shows Canada’s dedication to meet labor market needs by filling essential professional vacancies. If you’re a skilled overseas worker in these prioritized categories, you have a better shot at securing a visa through the Express Entry method. This presents an extra pathway for those eyeing opportunities in Canada.

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