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Apply Now! FG Launches Hiring for Tech Teaching Positions in New Build-A-Thon Initiative

New Opportunities in Tech Education: FG’s Build-A-Thon Initiative Opens Applications



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The Ministry of Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy has kicked off the application period for teaching spots in its revolutionary Build-A-Thon initiative. This scheme, launched in December and led by Minister Bosun Tijani, seeks to encourage high school students to embrace technology early on.

Empowering the Future Generation of Tech Innovators

In an exciting update, the Ministry declares a four-day program in January 2024 as part of the Build-A-Thon initiative. With an aim to foster tech skills among the youth, they plan to welcome 1,500 students from 150 schools. These activities will be spread across three cities: Owerri, Maiduguri, and Abeokuta. This action reflects the government’s dedication to nurturing technological progress among the younger generation. 

Visionary Educators Wanted: Call for Applications

The Build-A-Thon initiative is on the lookout for passionate teachers and tech lovers who can inspire secondary school students to become future tech innovators. If you think you fit the bill and meet the necessary qualifications, we encourage you to apply on the official program website.

Minister Tijani’s Vision for Innovation Leaders

At the start of the program, Minister Bosun Tijani was enthusiastic. He said, “Our strategic plan includes the Build-A-Thon initiative, aimed at fostering early tech adoption and creating future innovation leaders.” This program shows the government’s commitment to preparing a tech-driven generation ready to spearhead innovation.

Program Details and Application Process

 – it’s not just about exposing our budding talents to the latest technologies. No, it goes beyond that! We’re preparing them to spearhead future innovations. Sounds enticing? If you meet the requirements, don’t wait! Hurry up and apply through this handy link.

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National Impact: Three Locations, 150 Schools

The Build-A-Thon initiative is set to have a broad reach, with events in three major cities: Owerri, Maiduguri, and Abeokuta. By involving 150 schools, students from diverse areas and backgrounds will benefit from this program.

Building a Foundation for Guinness World Record Aspirations

In addition to the educational aspects, the Ministry’s strategic plan also involves laying the groundwork for Guinness World Record aspirations. The program’s comprehensive approach includes guidelines to actualize the dream of achieving notable records in the realm of technology education.

Supporting Startups and Job Creation

This initiative is not only about education but also plays a crucial role in supporting startups and job creation. The Minister highlighted the government’s intention to leverage Starlink for job creation, emphasizing the installation and maintenance of Starlink as potential sources for employment.

Apply Now: Shaping the Future of Tech Education

 To attract top talent for its tech teaching roles in the Build-A-Thon Initiative. If you’re passionate about technology and meet their criteria, you’re strongly encouraged to apply promptly.

Wrapping Up

To put it simply, the Build-A-Thon initiative aims to propel Nigeria into a future filled with technological innovation. By inviting applications for tech teaching jobs, the Ministry brings together educators and tech enthusiasts to mold the future leaders of technology. It’s a push in line with global trends, one that places Nigeria in a leading role in the tech world.

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