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Important News about N-Power Payment Today – October 19, 2023

Stay Updated: N-Power Payment News Today – October 19, 2023



NPower Promise Recipients Who are Yet to Receive Backlog Payment – See Details

 N-Power Payment news Today remarkable development now, October 19, 2023, there are major updates concerning the N-Power Payment scheme. What does this mean to you as an existing beneficiary or future enrollee? Stay tuned, for we’ve got all the details.

Today’s N-Power payment news revolves around the entry, delay, and exit stages, making it critical information for every stakeholder. Wondering what updates have hit the floor? 

 to disburse 9-months of owed stipends to N-Power beneficiaries starting from November. This news was announced by N-Power’s national program manager, Akindele Egbuwalo, marking a significant breakthrough for the beneficiaries waiting for these payments.

In a bid to reform the N-Power program, the government has addressed overdue payments and introduced the “Renewed Hope Job Creation Programme (RHJCP)”, in line with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s vision for job creation and empowerment. 

The RHJCP, led by Honourable Minister Dr. Betta Edu, aims to reach 5 million beneficiaries in the next 5 years. The program welcomes both graduates and non-graduates and aims to provide personal and professional growth opportunities.

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The decision to restructure and audit the N-Power program reflects the government’s unwavering commitment to ensuring efficient and transparent service delivery to beneficiaries. As a result of this process, the Federal Government has successfully secured the necessary funds from existing payment service providers, paving the way for the forthcoming disbursement of the backlog stipends. These payments will be released in installments, ensuring a systematic and equitable distribution of the owed stipends.

FAQ – N-Power Payment Update

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Q: When are the N-Power backlog payments scheduled to be made?
A: The N-Power backlog payments are set to commence in November 2023, providing financial relief to beneficiaries.

Q: What is the new name for the N-Power program, and why was it rebranded?
A: The N-Power program has been rebranded as the “Renewed Hope Job Creation Programme (RHJCP)” to align with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s vision, signifying a renewed commitment to job creation and empowerment.

Q: Over the next 5 years, how many beneficiaries will the RHJCP target, and what are the eligibility criteria?
A: The RHJCP aims to target 5 million beneficiaries over the next 5 years, with 1 million youths being absorbed annually, including both graduates and non-graduates. Detailed eligibility criteria will be provided by the program.

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Q: How were the necessary funds secured for the disbursement of the backlog stipends?
A: The Federal Government has successfully recovered the required funds from existing payment service providers through a comprehensive restructuring and audit process.

Q: What is the payment plan for the N-Power backlog stipends?
A: The backlog stipends will be paid in installments, ensuring a systematic and equitable distribution to beneficiaries.

In summary, the Federal Government’s announcement regarding N-Power payments represents a significant step towards fulfilling its commitment to empower and support Nigerian youth. As the RHJCP unfolds and beneficiaries eagerly anticipate their pending stipends, this effort underscores the government’s dedication to creating renewed hope and opportunities for a brighter future.

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