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Latest N-Power Updates: Non-Graduate Programme Insights and Resolution on Pending Payments as of Dec 11, 2023

Latest N-Power Updates: Non-Graduate Programme Insights and Solutions for Pending Payments as of Dec 11, 2023



Latest N-Power Updates: Non-Graduate Programme Insights and Resolution on Pending Payments as of Dec 11, 2023

If you’re following the latest on N-Power, the flagship job creation and empowerment scheme of the All Progressives Congress (APC) government, you’ll be glad to know that its non-graduate program is still in full swing. This initiative, launched in 2016, is all about lining up young Nigerians with job opportunities and equipping them with skills they can use throughout their lives. It’s all part of the grand scheme to help them become problem solvers in their local communities and valued contributors to global markets. 

Just to remind you, N-Power encompasses both graduate and non-graduate programs. These include N-Teach, N-Agro, and N-Health for graduates, as well as N-Power Tech and N-Creative for non-graduates. 

Now, here’s where the story takes an interesting turn. The non-graduate program is going strong, according to a statement from N-Power. Our correspondent over at, Ridwan Adeola Yusuf—a journalist with over nine years in public journalism—broke the news. And it seems the folks at N-Power are dedicated to meeting the needs of eligible beneficiaries and are actively working on all pending verification cases. So, stay tuned for further updates!

The statement reads, “The non-graduate program is still active; please note that all programs are on hold for now due to the ongoing investigation by the Honorable Minister. We assure all eligible beneficiaries with genuine claims that we will resolve all the cases once we complete the verification.”

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Here’s a quick rundown on the latest updates about the N-Power scheme. The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, Betta Edu, recently confirmed that eligible beneficiaries will start receiving payments in January 2024. So, make sure you’re following N-Power’s official social media pages to stay in the loop! 

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Just to set things straight, N-Power wants everyone to be aware that there’s no current thumbprint exercise taking place. Misinformation is rampant, and they’re urging folks to keep an eye on their official social media channels for the real scoop. 

On another note, you might have heard about the supposed NEXIT package and concerns surrounding it. Well, N-Power wants to clear the air – they don’t have the details. Originally, the NEXIT program was set up to empower those N-Power beneficiaries who joined before Bola Tinubu’s administration came to power.

As N-Power works through ongoing reviews and aims for transparency, we recommend you stay on track with their official social media accounts for the latest news. 

To catch you up, the N-Power non-graduate program is still accepting applications. If you’re eligible, prepare for possible payments starting from January 2024, after going through checks and as the scheme resolves any remaining issues. Keep an eye on N-Power for their official updates and latest announcements.

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N-Power Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: What is N-Power?
A1: N-Power is a job creation and empowerment initiative of the Social Investment Programme of the federal government of Nigeria. Established in 2016, it aims to equip young Nigerians with lifelong skills to become solution providers in their communities and active participants in domestic and global markets.

Q2: What are the key programs under N-Power?
A2: N-Power comprises both graduate and non-graduate programs. Graduate programs include N-Teach, N-Agro, and N-Health, while non-graduate initiatives consist of N-Power Tech and N-Creative.

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Q3: Is the non-graduate program still active?
A3: Yes, the non-graduate program is currently active. However, all programs are temporarily on hold due to ongoing investigations by the Honorable Minister. Eligible beneficiaries with genuine claims are assured that issues will be resolved post-verification.

Q4: When will payments for eligible beneficiaries commence?
A4: According to the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, payments for eligible beneficiaries are set to commence in January 2024. Stay updated through official N-Power social media platforms for the latest information.

Q5: Is there an ongoing thumbprint exercise?
A5: No, there is no ongoing thumbprint exercise. N-Power advises prospective beneficiaries to monitor its official social media platforms for accurate information, as that is where the latest updates will be shared.

Q6: What is the NEXIT package, and does N-Power have information on it?
A6: NEXIT was intended as an empowerment initiative for exited N-Power beneficiaries under the Bola Tinubu administration. However, N-Power has clarified that it currently lacks information on the NEXIT package.

Q7: How can beneficiaries stay informed about N-Power updates?
A7: Beneficiaries and the public are encouraged to stay connected through N-Power’s official social media platforms for timely updates and accurate information. These platforms provide the latest news and announcements directly from the scheme.

Q8: Is N-Power committed to resolving pending cases?
A8: Yes, N-Power is committed to addressing pending cases once the ongoing verification process is complete. Eligible beneficiaries with genuine claims are assured that their issues will be resolved.

Q9: How can individuals contact N-Power for specific inquiries?
A9: For specific inquiries, individuals can reach out to N-Power through their official social media channels or visit the official website for contact information. These platforms are the primary channels for accurate and official communication.

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Q10: What should beneficiaries expect in the coming months?
A10: Beneficiaries can expect updates on the resumption of programs, payment commencement in January 2024, and ongoing efforts by N-Power to ensure transparency and resolve pending cases. Stay tuned to official channels for the latest developments.

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