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Boseong green tea field Korean country side



Boseong green tea field

Boseong Green Tea Field is a famous tourist destination located in the countryside of Boseong, South Korea. The tea fields cover an area of around 5,000 acres and are known for their picturesque beauty, especially during the harvesting season in May and June.

Visitors to the tea fields can enjoy walking through the neatly aligned rows of tea plants, sampling fresh green tea, and learning about the history and production process of Korean tea. There is also a Tea Museum where visitors can see traditional tea-making tools and artifacts.

To get to the Boseong Green Tea Field, you can take a bus or train from Seoul to Boseong, which is about a 4-hour journey. From the Boseong Bus Terminal, you can take a local bus or a taxi to the tea fields, which are about 5 km away. It is recommended to visit during the spring or summer months when the weather is mild and the tea fields are in full bloom.

Overall, Boseong Green Tea Field is a beautiful and relaxing place to escape the city and experience the natural beauty and cultural traditions of rural Korea.

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