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Nigeria to Ghana distance: how much it will cost you to travel to Accra in naira?



Nigeria to Ghana distance

Nigeria to Ghana distance: My sister and I traveled from Lagos to Accra via Grand Popo and Lome over the Easter holiday. We stayed for two days in Grand Popo, Benin, one and a half hours in Lome, Togo, and six days in Accra and Cape Coast, Ghana. This cost breakdown, which is based purely on our experience, is only meant to be used in trip planning and to give you a good sense of how much money you should set aside.

All prices shown here are current as of the writing and are either estimates or exact numbers.

If you’ve just started this trip, send me a remark and I’ll revise the cost on this site.

Nigeria Ghana Road Trip: Stop 1 – Benin Republic.

Previously, I wrote a breakdown for Benin when I paid N20,000 to travel to Fidjrosse and Ouidah. This can be found here. Here is a summary of our journey, which this time involved my sister and I staying in Grand Popo.


We boarded a bus from Lekki to Seme that cost N200, N400 to Mile 2, and N800 to Badagry (see the complete route here). We paid N300 for a shared taxi to take us from Badagry to the Seme border.

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We took a shared taxi into Cotonou for 1,000 cefa each and a bike into the town from the border to get to Grand Popo from Seme. then a second cab for 2,500 cefa each from Cotonou to Grand Popo.

Border crossing at Seme.

Unfortunately, there is a charge to cross the border. This means that if you need to get your passport stamped, you may and should haggle your way through immigration. If you choose not to pay, be prepared to wait for hours. An “old crosser” pays a different cost than someone who is crossing the border for the first time. For these border crossings, you must have a current passport and yellow card. Here are the details.

Crossing the Nigeria border.

Four stations or shacks roughly count. They request money even if the first is not a stop. You can leave there without paying anything. ‘Port Health’ is the second stop on the route. They will demand N1,500 from you if this is your first time crossing the street (and you have a current yellow card certificate). For my sister, we gave N1,000. I was exempt from payment.

The place where you “register your passport” is the next stop (LOL, just typing it makes no sense!). Anyhow, new customers must pay N500. You can’t get out of paying this by bargaining, in my opinion. The ‘immigration office’ is located after that. In the two rooms, they requested a total of N1,000. 500 N was paid. The Nigerian side was finished with it.

On the side of Benin:

Three stops are present. The primary immigration office comes first. PS: If you want your passport stamped, avoid giving money to the men outside the shack. New customers pay N2,000, while seasoned customers pay N500. The Port Health stop is next. The cost is N1,000 for first-timers. For the first time, I paid N500. Old timer admission is free. The last halt is a bike stop where new riders must pay an additional N500.

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Naturally, you may avoid all of this by boarding a regular bus in Lagos. On your part, they handle all border formalities.

Hotel, Meals, and Entertainment: Nigeria to Ghana Road Trip.

We spent two nights at the Auberge de Grand Popo, which cost us N40,000 (which included lunch on the day of arrival and breakfast for two days). We spent N4,000 for lunch on day 2.

Due to our financial difficulties, we didn’t do much in Grand Popo, although we did receive a proposal for a N7,000 tour of some significant locations.

(For a summary, scroll below.).

Stop 2 on the Nigeria-Ghana Road Trip is Ghana.


Getting to Accra from Grand Popo: We paid N1,400 for a motor taxi (bike) to take us to the Hillacondji border. After crossing the border, we took a taxi together to a halt in Lome and then a motor taxi to the border with Aflao. N2,400 was paid for it. We boarded an STC bus for N4,000 from the Aflao border to Accra.

We used STC for the first leg of our trip from Accra to Cape Coast, and another operator charged us N5,000 for the return leg.

ABC Transport Service charged us N21,600 apiece for our round-trip flight from Accra to Lagos.

Hillacondji & Aflao Border Crossing.

On the Benin Republic side, there’s just one stop and first-timers are asked for 2,000cefa. It’s the same on the Togo side as well. For the Aflao border, I can’t say much because we crossed for free. But we were asked for 3,000cefa each on the Togo side.

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(See, only a few lines. Seme border is the worst!)

Accommodation, Feeding & Entertainment

Nigeria to Ghana distance
We got a pretty sweet upgrade at Urbano hotel

Our first three nights were spent at a guest house in Accra. We paid N6,000/night. Then we moved to Urbano hotel which cost us N35,000/night and in Cape Coast, we stayed at Almond Tree Guest House for N16,500/night. We spent our last night in a lovely apartment hotel (Earl Heights), hosted by Meyiwa & Juliana.

Nigeria to Ghana distance
Nigeria to Ghana distance

We spent a total of N25,000 on food and another N30,000 on tours in Accra and Cape Coast.

Total Costs for a Nigeria Ghana Road Trip

Here’s an overview of everything we spent on our Nigeria to Ghana Road Trip;

Again, this is solely based on our experience. Therefore, these prices may differ due to various reasons.

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