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Top 18 Freelance Sites For Beginners and Pro



Top 18 Freelance Sites For Beginners and Pro

Freelance Sites For Beginners and Pro – Freelancers are anticipated to soon make up the bulk of the American workforce. As a result, we may anticipate the emergence of more and more freelance employment platforms. That’s not to suggest we need them. Look at the “freelance employment” search results on Google. There are several websites that may introduce you to potential customers.

However, not all job boards are made equally, which is the issue. Some are a little dubious, leading both corporations and freelancers to doubt their reliability. Some are exclusively intended for seasoned veterans. Additionally, there are forums where freelancers may obtain jobs rapidly, but they won’t be paid well. Consider it the “cost of entrance” into the world of freelancing.

Finding freelance employment is made more difficult than it needs to be by these barriers. I’ve compiled a list of 18 freelancing websites to aid business owners in finding their next job because of this. Each of these sites is respectable and open to freelancers of all experience levels, enabling individuals to maximise their abilities in a precarious economic climate. 

Top 18 Freelance Sites For Beginners and Pro

Top 18 Freelance Sites For Beginners and Pro
Top 18 Freelance Sites For Beginners and Pro

  1. Toptal

Find hourly, part-time, or full-time employment at Toptal whether you’re a freelance designer, developer, financial expert, product manager, or project manager. The problem is that Toptal has a stringent application procedure, so often only the top 3% of freelancing talent are selected.

Talented freelancers with some prior experience might be better suited for this. However, you can be sure that you’ll be paid competitively if you’re hired.

2. Fiverr

There are a few characteristics that distinguish Fiverr from other top freelancing marketplaces. Users may specify the precise positions in which they excel. When I first began podcasting, I used Fiverr to find designers for both my cover and intro. I called in another professional to assist me figure out the problem when I was having problems getting the podcast featured on iTunes.

Second, this is a fantastic location to start your freelancing career since the majority of tasks start at $5. You may start charging extra for your services if you have a few customers and a solid portfolio.

3. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour has been assisting independent contractors in obtaining web-based tasks for more than ten years. Marketing, SEO, and software engineering are all covered on this website. The fact that it simplifies the registration procedure is what makes it so alluring. One dashboard manages client communications, project management, and payments.

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Before you must register for the premium plan, you are permitted to submit 15 offers to customers. Even if you choose not to subscribe to the subscription plan, you may still view listings and get notifications of new positions.

4. Upwork

For many years, Upwork has existed in some capacity. Upwork was created by the merger of Elance and oDesk, which were founded in 1999 and 2003, respectively. With millions of freelancers in fields including design, programming, accounting, marketing, writing, and customer support, Upwork is now one of the biggest freelancing marketplaces in the world.

Freelancers may discover temporary jobs, ongoing projects, and even full-time contract employment on sites like Toptal. Due to the range of posted jobs, Upwork is beneficial for both beginning and seasoned freelancers.

5. Freelancer

Freelancer claims to be “the world’s biggest outsourcing marketplace,” bringing together more than 30 million workers and independent contractors from 247 different nations. You may discover a few alternative methods to work with Freelancer. The first method involves building a profile that emphasises your expertise in freelancing. A customer may interact with you in real time whenever he requires your particular expertise.

The alternative is to go through available jobs and submit bids on those that appeal to your skills and interests. You will get a safe payment after your job is finished using the website’s Milestone Payment System.

6. SimplyHired

A job search engine called SimplyHired assists users in finding local or remote employment across 12 different nations. With more than 100 job boards included in SimplyHired, you have access to millions of job vacancies in fields like marketing and customer service. Even nursing and warehousing jobs are available.

SimplyHired is an excellent resource for finding a job fast since it allows you to look for both part-time and full-time employment. It creates a blog with useful suggestions on how to appeal to recruiters more.

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7. 99designs

If you’re a designer, 99designs should be your first choice of marketplace. Anyone who is genuinely talented at designing websites, apps, and logos may fit in here. Creative independent contractors might look for work where customers require someone to design packaging, marketing collateral, or tangible goods like T-shirts.

The website also offers a wealth of materials to help designers develop their abilities. How-to guides, tutorials, toolkits, e-books, and even interviews with seasoned designers are among these tools.

8. Aquent

Are you a digital marketing guru or a creative professional? If so, Aquent may be able to help you find your next job. The website enables independent contractors to locate on-site or remote employment in the United States. Work is also available in Australia, Japan, Canada, the UK, France, and the Netherlands.

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The best thing about Aquent is its Gymnasium, which provides free online classes that will help you develop your current skill.

9. The Creative Group

The Creative Group The website is intended for professionals in artistic, copywriting, photographic, graphic design, and marketing industries. You may obtain part-time, full-time, or temporary employment.

Simply share your LinkedIn profile or submit your CV to the website. The experts at Robert Half use that information to discover the ideal position for your unique skills and interests.

10. Envato Studio 

Creators, designers, and developers founded Envato Studio. You may get both short- and long-term assignments with the aid of this studio. A customer browses the website to compare portfolios and prices when they need your special set of skills. From the Envato Studio community, suggestions will be made to you.

Envato Studio withholds the money when you are engaged until the assignment is finished and the customer is happy. The platform allows you the opportunity to get customer input in real-time throughout the project. With this open communication, you can be sure that you’re headed in the correct direction.


This website, which Sara Sutton developed together with FlexJobs, has been a top resource for virtual teams for more than ten years. Anyone looking to work remotely should check out

Anyone who has ever wanted to be a digital nomad, whether they are a designer, developer, customer service agent, writer, recruiter, or sales professional, may get assistance from There is also a helpful blog that might get you off to the correct start if you’re new to remote work.

12. DesignCrowd

The world’s top custom design marketplace, according to DesignCrowd, This website, like 99designs, helps designers get employment. You may create tattoos in addition to websites, cards, T-shirts, and logos.

Clients may choose submissions with short deadlines, such as three to five days. The pace of project change is really rapid. On the website, you can even participate design competitions if you need some additional money.

13. FlexJobs 

This website offers over 50 distinct profession categories for full-time employees, remote workers, and freelancers. Anyone looking for remote or flexible employment often uses the website called FlexJobs. You can be confident that the jobs that have been advertised are real since every available position has been pre-screened.

Plans start at $14.95 a month and there is a fee to enrol. Additionally, you may take part in talent assessments, watch webinars, and read up on job search advice. The best thing is that you may take advantage of exclusive savings on websites that collaborate with us.

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14. Krop

A employment board for creatives alone, such as copywriters, photographers, and designers, is called Krop. You may use Krop to develop and host your portfolio in addition to generating a profile to highlight your expertise.

The fact that Krop is a website that advertises freelancers to companies looking for new team members is another benefit of utilising it.

15. Authentic Jobs

Authentic Jobs has been connecting digital and creative professionals with freelancers since 2005. With businesses like Apple, Facebook, ESPN, or The Motley Fool, you may moonlight or contract for free. If you’re a freelancer looking to work with these businesses, start looking through advertisements for anything from project managers to back-end engineers.

It’s a good platform for freelancers of all expertise levels since pay may vary from less than $29,000 to more than $100,000 yearly.

16. LocalSolo

LocalSolo is distinct from other freelancing markets and was recently bought by Communo. It’s a regional freelancing employment platform where you may look for jobs close to home.

It allows you to personalise your profile and is commission-free and free to use. Direct communication occurs when you and a customer connect. In this method, you may talk about the project’s parameters, costs, and contracts. You also get exclusive offers from LocalSolo partners like Shopify, FreshBooks, Adobe, and DreamHost as a member.

17. Working Nomads

A carefully chosen list of remote employment in industries including development, management, marketing, design, sales, and education is sent to you by Working Nomads.

You may choose to get these messages every day or every week. Additionally, you have the choice of locating ongoing jobs or temporary tasks. Just bear in mind that not every job is entirely remote; certain positions may call for on-site training or part-time home employment.

18. LinkedIn ProFinder

There’s a good chance your LinkedIn profile already exists. Why not maximise your enjoyment of it? LinkedIn is one of the top sites for networking professionals since it has more than 420 million users in almost 200 countries.

With ProFinder, LinkedIn has more recently made the decision to enter the freelance market. Small company owners and other professionals now have the opportunity to work with independent bookkeepers, designers, marketers, and copywriters. Additionally, ProFinder provides career coaches. To enhance your freelancing career, your personal coach will examine your CV and assist you get ready for interviews.

It’s simple to feel overburdened and unable to advance with your business ambitions right now, or at any other moment. However, these websites may help you uncover possibilities that will make the most of your abilities and enable you to expand your side business.

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