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 African nations Nigerians can travel to by road



Visa Free Countries For Nigerians 2023

Depending only on your destination, reason for visiting, and mode of transportation, traveling by road could be an incredible experience.

You need a Nigerian passport, a valid ID card, a yellow card or other proof that you’ve been immunized against yellow fever, and of course money in order to lawfully depart Nigeria’s borders by road.

Nigerians can travel to the following nations in Africa:

  1. Cameroon: It is possible to travel from Nigeria to Cameroon by road, through border posts such as Ekok, Mfum and Ikom. But due to recent security issues and kidnappings along the border, it is advisable to use the official border route, and to plan ahead.
  2. Benin Republic: Benin is a neighbouring West African country that can be reached by road from Lagos or other parts of Southern Nigeria. The Seme border is the main entry point, and visa policies may vary depending on individual circumstances and nationalities.
  3. Togo: Togo is another West African country that shares a border with Nigeria. The Aflao border is the most popular entry point for road travelers, although travel visa requirements should be checked beforehand.
  4. Ghana: Nigeria shares a long border with Ghana on its western side, making it possible to enter the country by road. The main border crossing is at Seme Krake, but other posts include Aflao, Elubo, and other entry points.
  5. Chad: Chad is a landlocked Central African country that can be accessed by road via the Northern Nigerian city of Maiduguri. The border crossing is at Gamboru-Ngala, but travellers must have all necessary travel documents and permits.
  6. Niger: Another African nation with a land border with Nigeria, Niger can be reached by road from neighbouring states such as Kano, Sokoto, and many other areas. The main border post is at Babura or Jibiya, but travellers should always check visa requirements and security risks.
  7. Burkina Faso: This West African country lies north of Ghana and can be accessed by road through neighbouring countries such as Togo or Benin. The most popular border posts include Hahotoe or Malanville, and travel documents and permits are necessary for entry.

Chidimma Johnson is a Travel Content Manager and Writer at Dimples Online Media, paying specific attention to Travel and Finance . After achieving a BA in Political Science in 2019, Chidimma pursued her long-time desire to work in media and joined Republic World as a writer. Working closely with the top online media.