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Temu Promotions: 50% off code, 200 Sign Up Bonus + $30 Per Referral



Temu Promotions

When you establish a new account using a Temu Referral Code, you will receive a $100 Temu Sign Up Bonus and a 30% Discount. By inviting your friends, you will also receive a $30 Temu Referral Bonus.

Temu is an online store that provides a wide range of goods, including the newest fashion items, cosmetics, and more, for amazingly low costs. includes no-cost returns within 90 days and free shipping for new customers.

All Temu promotions, promotional codes, and Temu discount codes are available here. Simply adhere to these easy instructions to receive your $100 sign-up bonus.

    Earn a $100 Temu Sign Up bonus when you open an account with a Temu Promo code, and you will also get a 30% discount coupon that you can use on your first purchase.

    How To Get Temu Sign Up Bonus?

    1. Visit this Temu Referral Link to Sign up.
    2. Now, Enter your name and email to verify your Temu account.
    3. To get your Temu bonus, enter the Temu promo code com95307 in the app.
    4. Done! Your Temu Sign Up Bonus will be deposited, and you can use it on your next purchases or withdraw it.

    If you love to claim a sign up bonus, we have some of the best Promotions that will give you a $25 Sign Up Bonus and a $50 Sign Up Bonus.

    Temu Referral Program: $30 Referral Bonus

    Temu Referral Program offers a $30 Temu Referral Bonus for every two friends you invite.

    Once you have claimed your welcome bonus, you can get a $30 Temu Referral Bonus when you invite your friend with your unique Temu Referral code. Your referrals will also receive a 30% Bonus coupon.

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    Note: Temu often changes its referral bonus, so you must check the latest Temu Referral bonus here!

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    How To Get Temu Referral Bonus?

    Here are the simple steps to claim the Temu referral bonus:

    1. Login to your Temu Account.
    2. Click the “Referral” option and copy your unique Temu Referral Link.
    3. Now, Share it with your family and friends.
    4. Once someone signs up using your unique Temu code, you will get your $10 Temu Referral bonus.
    5. Your Referral will also get a $100 Temu Sign Up Bonus with a $30% Bonus coupon.

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    Temu Referral Codes To Get Free Rewards

    Here are some of the best Temu Referral codes and Temu coupons to get a free new user bonus with free standard shipping:

    • Temu coupon code – opt35230
    • Temu discount code – com89572
    • Temu referral code – com17893
    • Temu 50 off code – com05418
    • Temu coupon code November 2022 – ord18629
    • Temu coupon code Reddit – com00787
    • Temu codes – com73019
    • Temu codes 2023 – ord88214
    • Temu codes for existing users – com72500
    • $50 off Temu code – com19390
    • $40 off Temu code – com43697
    • Free gift Temu code – ord98554

    What is Temu?

    Temu App is an online marketplace like Poshmark that offers you the latest fashion products, cosmetics & more. You will find exciting Products, Brands, and Tools at the most reasonable cost.

    Temu has lots of different products for different occasions. Whether you are planning to go to a grand party or want to celebrate any festival, Temu offers you amazing choices with the advantage of Free Shipping and Easy Returns of up to 70% Off for everything.

    With Temu’s multiple payment options, you can shop and get $10 for signing up. 

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    If you shop a lot, then here are the Latest Cash Back sites that will help you to get huge cash backs on your every purchase.

    Is Temu Legit?

    Yes! Temu is a completely legit shopping site that offers you a wide range of products at prices that are hard to beat. They aim to give you the best deals you can find online shopping.

    It is the American subsidiary of China-based Pinduoduo, one of the largest e-commerce platforms by the number of users. Temu was launched in September 2022 in the US.

    Temu does not currently offer a loyalty program, but they do have an affiliate program; you can read more about Temu affiliate program here!

    Temu Reviews

    Temu is a highly secure company that asks for your receipt for any unauthorized transaction, and that’s why a lot of people get tired of it. However, it is still liked by many people and has over 3-star ratings with over 670+ reviews on Trustpilot.

    If you want a detailed Temu review, read our complete article on Is Temu Legit.

    Temu’s return policy

    Temu is an online shopping platform that allows new users to lots of home decor products to opt in. However, like every new marketplace to gain the trust of its users, Temu also allows users to return packages and get their money back.

    So, If you have any difficulty, then just return the package and get your money back.

    Temu allows users to return their products within 90 days of the purchase date, which is comparatively longer than other shopping stores. You can also check our detailed Temu Guide to know more.

    What Does Temu Offer?

    Temu offers a wide range of affordable products. You can find everything you need in Temu for a very low price, from clothes to gadgets and homeware to pet supplies.

    Here are some price lists available in Temu:

    • A tie-dye cami dress for women costs $1.99.
    • Square sunglasses for men cost only $0.99.
    • A soft bath rug that doesn’t slip costs $6.79.
    • A set of four knives made of stainless steel costs $3.49.
    • A gray pet hoodie costs $1.72.

    Temu has exclusive partnerships with manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. Most of the products in Temu are made in China. 

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    Note: Even though it could take at least seven business days for your order to arrive in the United States, there is no shipping fee if you spend $49 or more. Free returns are also possible within 90 days.

    Temu has a Cash Rewards Spin program that offers you a lot of coins just for spinning wheels. You can also double your coins by watching short ads, and after your coins reach the minimum withdrawal limit, you can easily cash out to your Paypal.

    How To Double Your Temu Cashback?

    Now you can get great discounts like Temu $100 OFF on up to every purchase you make. 

    GoCashback is a Cashback site that gives you cashback on your daily purchase, but now it has included Temu in it, So Now you can get all these 3 benefits in one place:

    • $8 Sign Up Bonus Reward When you join with this Gocashback Promo Code.
    • Temu Coupon, Promo Codes discounts up to 60% Off.
    • Cashback on every time you make purchases with Temu.

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    Overall, Temu is an amazing digital store offering a $100 Sign Up bonus + 30% OFF when you join. You can also take advantage of a $30 Temu Referral Bonus for every friend you invite. 

    And you can also buy lots of products for your wedding ceremony or any other festival.

    Join Temu and claim your Temu Promotions now!

    How To Get $20 off on Temu?

    To Get $20 Off on Temu you must sign up using a Temu referral code, then you will receive a $20 OFF coupon in your account, which you can use on your first purchase.

    How To Get Temu Promotions?

    To Get Temu Promotions, you have to join a special Temu Affiliate Program that offers you up to $10,000 Cash rewards when you invite your friends using your Temu Coupon code.

    Where do you enter a promo code on Temu?

    You can enter your Temu Promo code on the “Search” Option to get your rewards, and you can also enter your Temu code on the check out option to save money on your purchases.

    Is Temu sign up bonus legit?

    Yes! Temu Sign Up bonus is completely legit and you will get $100 Temu Coupon bundle when you open a new account using Temu referral code.

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