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NPC’s Latest 2023 Census Update – What You Need to Know As of November 4, 2023

What’s New in NPC’s 2023 Census Update? November 4th Edition



What's New in NPC's 2023 Census Update? November 4th Edition

Get the Scoop: NPC’s November 4th Update on the 2023 Census

The National Population Commission (NPC) in Nigeria has recently released a statement which indicates that the 2023 National Population and Housing Census may not proceed as planned. This significant news follows multiple years of population estimates; the country’s actual demographics have not been officially counted since the 2006 census which stated that Nigeria’s population was approximately 140 million. 

It’s crucial to note that the postponement of this census is not an unprecedented event; indeed, the previous governmental administration, under the leadership of former President Muhammadu Buhari, initially intended to conduct the census in 2022. However, for reasons not elaborated on, the census was rescheduled for 2023.

An anonymous NPC Commissioner stated that while the commission was on the verge of concluding the census process before it was suspended, they are ready to continue with the process. However, the timing now depends on President Bola Tinubu, who has been presented with a plan by the commission.

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The source emphasized that the training process alone would take more than two months to complete, and it is essential to have sufficient budgetary provisions to conclude the census.

As it stands, the NPC is not considering conducting the census in 2023, as it is already November. They are awaiting President Tinubu’s decision on when to proceed with the census.

Source: PunchNG.

FAQ on NPC’s Latest Update on the 2023 Census Exercise

Q1: Why is the National Population and Housing Census for 2023 in Nigeria in doubt?
A1: The National Population Commission (NPC) has indicated that the census for 2023 may not be possible due to various factors. The commission cites the advanced stage of the year, as it’s already November, and the need for budgetary provisions and training to complete the process.

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Q2: When was the last census conducted in Nigeria before this potential delay in 2023?
A2: The last official census in Nigeria was conducted in 2006, which provided a population figure of 140 million.

Q3: Who initially planned to conduct the 2022 census, and why was it postponed to 2023?
A3: The previous administration, led by former President Muhammadu Buhari, had planned to conduct the 2022 census. However, it was later postponed to 2023 for reasons that are not specified in the source.

Q4: What role does President Bola Tinubu play in the decision regarding the census?
A4: President Bola Tinubu is key to determining the timing of the census. The NPC has presented a plan to President Tinubu, and they are awaiting his decision on when to proceed with the census.

Q5: What has the NPC accomplished in terms of preparations for the census?
A5: The NPC mentions that they were on the verge of concluding the census process when it was suspended. They have also begun the training process, which would take more than two months to complete once given the green light.

Q6: Is there a specific timeline mentioned for when the census might occur in 2023?
A6: The NPC source did not provide a specific timeline for when the census might occur in 2023. It will depend on President Tinubu’s decision and the availability of budgetary provisions.

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