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DStv Price Hike: Get Ready for a 19% Increase Starting November 6th

DStv Announces 19% Price Surge, Taking Effect from November 6th



DStv Price Hike: Get Ready for a 19% Increase Starting November 6th

DStv recently announced another bout of price adjustments on its diverse subscription packages. This marks their second price increase this year alone. The most recent rise is expected to take effect from Monday, November 6, 2023. 

These price hikes come due to economic difficulties and increasing inflation rates in Nigeria. DStv initially raised its prices in May 2023, which impacted various DStv and GOtv packages to varying degrees. However, their latest move entails a rather hefty 19% surge across their entire range of offerings.

For DStv subscribers, the new pricing structure is as follows:

  • DStv Premium: Starting from November 6, monthly subscription for DStv Premium will increase by 20% to N29,500 from the previous N24,500.
  • Compact+: The monthly cost of the Compact+ bouquet will rise by 19% to N19,800 from N16,600.
  • Compact: Subscribers on the Compact package will now pay N12,500, reflecting a 19% increase from the previous N10,500.
  • Confam: The Confam package will see a 19% increase, with the monthly cost increasing to N7,400 from N6,200.
  • Yanga: Monthly subscription for DStv Yanga bouquet will be N4,200, a 20% increase from the earlier N3,500.

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GOtv subscribers are also affected by these price changes:

  • Supa Plus: Monthly subscription for Supa Plus will increase by 19% to N12,500 from the previous N10,500.
  • Supa: The Supa bouquet is now priced at N7,600, up from N6,400, reflecting a 19% increase.
  • GOtv Max: Subscription has risen to N5,700 from N4,850.
  • Jolli: The monthly cost for the Jolli package is now N3,950, up from N3,300.
  • Jinja: Subscribers on the Jinja package will pay N2,700 monthly, as opposed to the previous N2,250.
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DStv, despite not formally addressing the upcoming increase in fees, previously noted economic difficulties in May when announcing the first rate hike. This comes amidst Nigeria’s soaring inflation, recorded at 26.72% in September by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), a surge from August’s 25.80%. 

The company responded earlier this year to the economic situation, saying, “We’ve had to reassess our package prices due to various economic challenges affecting our business. With the ongoing tough economic environment in mind, DStv has strived to maintain the rise as minimal as possible. This is to ensure we can sustain our operations while still delivering top-notch services.” 

Unsurprisingly, these increases have ignited debates among subscribers. They are now seeking ways to balance their leisure costs amidst these economic challenges.

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